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happened. >> there is no exam for being a united states senator. >> it is a matter of tricking enough voters. >> the bar is in the ground. >> what an amazing day two on the failure to unearth the conspiracy of how to lie to the american people. >> he is like a human whack-a-mole. ron johnson gets too close to him and your brain cells die. this is like the legacy of ron johnson. he attributes the warming of the earth to sun spots to gee logical spots of time. he is convinced that there is a conspiracy and there is none there. nor is it with hillary clinton saying it doesn't matter. he is obsessed with you know, he is obsessed with suspects who are no longer being examined and we know who did it. but he is following vapor trails to nowhere. >> i thought marco rubio did well i wondered if ron johnson was part of a one-two punch. he was going to really try to be -- men al migitry. >> it was striking to me. the sense of and this is bipartisan. the sense of paranoya anxiety that permeates every discussion of america's roll e in the worl and foreign policy. you would think we are consumed by
thing. 89 said yes in the united states senate. 257 said yes in the house of representatives. at the deadline. and they could only do it after the technical deadline of the fiscal cliff had passed. but before the practical deadline of the stock market opening this morning, and today the stock market that had remained calm throughout the fiscal cliff melodrama gave a standing ovation to the result. the dow closed up 308 points. the markets obviously didn't care that the deal was done at the last minute. in fact, the markets always correctly expected the deal to be done at the last minute. and the other thing, the other thing we have to get straight right now is did the president get a good deal? and i have this question for anyone who says the president and joe biden got a bad deal, they caved. as some of the on-line headlinesheadlines said caved to republicans on income tax rates. caved. and that question is this, when is the last time you successfully negotiated an income tax increase with republican senators and congressmen? i will save you some time with that answer right
is are we united in drying that up from the people i have talked to? the answer is yes. krystal ball, when you have lost the socialites, i believe the republicans have nothing left to lose. >> well, it -- >> what else is there? this is rock bottom? >> it looks pretty bleak. >> a hack, fundraiser. >> she had strong words there, well, i was looking back at the analysis "the washington post" did last summer regarding the republican party, and the sort of old republicans which i assume she is, fiscally conservative, typically northeastern, typically well off still make up about 22% of the party. so a decent chunk of the party. and what georgeette there shows, they make up a certain amount of the funding base which is why they have had a lock on the republican party. and the innovation for the growth of the tea party is their ability to have larger scale donor movements, smaller dollar to add up to a larger amount. and for a while, the georgeettes of the world in 2010 were willing to ride the wave, because sure we were electing crazy people but they were in other districts. now they see how the
the president of the it's is never going to ask him about. what he does is implement the president of the united states policy. his orders. get us out of iraq. yeah. >> they are acting like it would be the defense secretary that would decide whether or not we would go to war or not. it comes down to the same thing. they can't accept that he beat his republican opponent twice in a row. they want to make the choices for him. >> there is nothing funnier than pretending that there is nothing more than one degree of difference on israel between the two parties ever. >> right. there is no difference for the record, the officials have said that security cooperation has never been closer between the united states and israel than under barack obama the policy is the same. recall though that everybody on the hill is raising money all the time. if they think they can raise money by beating up on the president then they will do so. rush are limbaugh has a half interesting point to make about the haegle point now. >> obama is going to be the first democrat to actually cut the defense budget. i shouldn't say
to our economy, far worse than any economic period seen in the history of the united states. in my judgment if the federal government becomes insolvent or goes into bankruptcy because the debt has accumulated to such an extent that it overwhelmed our ability to pay. in that context, then, i'm willing to raise the debt ceiling if one or two things happens. first, the constitutional amendment must pass the united states congress and sent to the people. >> that could happen. >> certainly may not happen if we don't try, the second is, substantial spending cuts. >> according to john boehner that is not going to happen either. >> a sincere effort of trying to address the problem, the trillion dollar a year deficits are unsustainable. >> we get that from republicans, i'm trying to get at what has happened within the republican congress in the house such that the day after the inauguration, the republican leadership is saying let's not raise the debt ceiling? let's pretend we simply do not have one. and do that for a period of months. is that -- is that thing going to get the votes? that i
contribute to only about 4% of violence in the united states. so all the focus on mentally ill people as the source of danger and violence is really a diversion and a distraction from the much larger problem in this country. which is that we have really homicide by firearms as a huge epidemic. 30,000 people every year die by firearms in the united states. 17,000 by the suicide, and 13,000 by homicide. the vast majority of people who die by homicide are not mentally ill. the vast majority are not mentally ill people. >> gail trotter, i want to listen to the exchange that you had with senator whitehouse today. >> ms. trotter, quick question, sarah mckinly, in her home, used the assault weapon that would not have been banned. >> i don't know what type she used. >> well, trust me, it was, and that would not have been banned under the statute. so i think it proves the point with ordinary firearms, not 100-magazine peculiar types of artifacts, people are quite capable of defending themselves. >> gail trotter, the hearing is about legislation that would ban assault weapons and high-capacity
up. but to even entertain the idea of this happening, of the united states of america not paying its bills is irresponsible. it is absurd. the full faith and credit of the united states of america is not a bargaining chip. and they had better choose quickly because time is running short. >> house republicans continued to threaten to use the debt ceiling as a bargaining chip. house republican conference chairwoman kathy rogers told "political" i think it is possible we would shut down the government to make sure that president obama understands that we're serious. well, i guess that would do it. we always talk about whether or not we're going to kick the can down the road. i think the mood is that we have come to the end of the road. what road? and republican congresswoman marsha blackburn of tennessee said this to msnbc's chris jansing. let me ask you if you're willing to shut the government down? >> we're looking at all the options, there is the option of government shutdown, the option of raising the debt ceiling in short-term increments. i think there is a way to avoid default if
the strategy of leading from behind. if the united states ambassador in libya, and i say this respectfully can't get a message forward to the secretary of state about his concern about security, in one of the most hot zones in the world, i worry about a lead from behind strategy. and if we have no assets on alert that can respond in a seven-hour lull in two different attacks in the most hot -- one of the most hot spots in the country -- in the world, on 9/11, on the anniversary, is the lead from behind strategy failing, because i really want american leadership to be strong. i believe in freedom, and i believe we're the people that are going to be able to take freedom around the globe. >> he was asking perfectly reasonable questions in which he inserted the irrelevant but partisan phrase leading from behind, in order to appeal to his base, which is a smart move for him. but here is secretary clinton's answer. >> thank you for your service, and here is there, a lot packed into that. let me see what i can cover quickly and then we'll get the rest to you in writing. dod took every action it could
in the united states now. >> for comprehensive immigration reform to work, it must be clear from the outset that there is a path to citizenship. we have got to lay out a path. a process that includes passing a background check. paying taxes, paying a penalty. learning english. and then going to the back of the line behind all the folks who are trying to come here legally. that is only fair. all right. >> under the president's proposal, undocumented workers would be required to register, submit to background checks, pay fees and penalties, learn english and have their paperwork start at the back of the immigration processing line. senator john mccain released a statement saying while there are some differences in our approaches to this issue, we share the belief that any reform must recognize america as a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants. we should all agree that border security and enforcement is particularly important. house speaker john boehner released a statement saying we hope the president is careful not to drag the debate to the left. and ultimately disrupt the difficult wor
is more important than the united states senate, doesn't understand the senate. the most junior, powerless senator is more powerful than anybody at anchor desk, more than any other kind of way in being important. the tweet to patrick, please consider lawrence o'donnell to fill kerry's massachusetts seat. ideal choice. then, weldon wendell commented, we don't need another one who is smug, self-centered, and thinks he is god to the people. stay on tv, at least there when your smugness becomes overwhelming you can turn me off. wendell, you can turn off c-span, too, don't worry, the appointment would last five months, whereupon, after the special election congressman ed markey will be sworn in as the next elected senator. how do we know he is going to win? because i said so. and by the way, the day after i said so on this program that very next day john kerry endorsed ed markey, okay? the crazy massachusetts law on replacing senators was written by politically corrupt and legally corrupt members of the legislature. and so it has led to some crazy possibilities. >> i'm not going to get into spe
on a bipartisan plan to overhaul immigration laws that will estimate the current illegals in the united states to have a path to citizenship. >> this bipartisan blueprint is a major breakthrough. a tough but fair path to citizenship for illegal immigrants currently living in the united states. that is contingent upon secure ing our borderings. on day one of our bill the people here without status that are not criminals or security risks will be able to live here legally. >> this will be a tough pathway but it will be fair. it will be one in which those who have come to this country to achieve the american dream will come forth, must register with the government or they will lose their opportunities. >> the senators insist they can do this without threatening american jobs. >> for making sure that the amount of illegal immigrants that are -- amount of legal immigration that is allowed in the united states is based on the state of our economy. we are going to enshrine my here the principle that when there are job openings, americans get the first grab at it. >> senator schumer says he has spoken
included children, cabinet members, and a sadly large group of people who are united by tragedy. the living victims of gun violence, some who have lost family members. others who have been shot themselves and survived. joining me now, two people who were in the room with the president today, congresswoman mccarthy of new york, her husband was killed and her son injured in the massacre on long island railroad. and steven barton who was shot in the aurora massacre in july. he is also from connecticut and actually used to live about ten minutes from sandy hook elementary school. thank you both for joining me tonight. congresswoman mccarthy, i have to ask you since your career in politics began with this cause, what was it like for you to be at the only, the only presidential announcement in history of gun control initiatives being initiated and pushed by the president of the united states. >> well, i have to tell you there were times where i was about ready to break down and cry. to be in the audience with so many of the victims and to see so many of the different groups that i have worked wit
to the roll call. it appears that it's going to pass with overwhelming support in the united states senate. obviously we have technically gone over the fiscal cliff at this point. however, this will be retroactive to, what, an hour and 53 minutes ago on the east coast. so it would be no effect, with one big caveat, of course. next comes the house of representatives and nobody knows how that is going to work out. republican leaders, after this deal was struck this evening, it became apparent that both republicans and democrats were on board in big numbers. put out a statement saying they pledge to look at what the senate did. they reserve the right to amend it, however, or put it directly on the floor. they're not going to do it tonight. this is going to take place tomorrow at the very earliest and no one knows exactly how republicans are going to react in the house of representatives. it is going to be a very interesting day. and at this point we can't say it's a guarantee in any way, shape, or form that the house is going to approve what's being done here. many republicans obviously upset
is the president of the united states, somebody who is supposed to be above everything, nothing impresses him, and yet in that moment that was his time that he was taking for himself. >> and krystal, we actually saw the president trying to slow down his life for just a couple of more moments, take it in. >> just to take it in, i was watching him as he watched, you know, chuck schumer, the opening comments of the a comments. and it was the side of the president we didn't see in the first term, much more emotional after newtown, even thanking the field staffers. he has just a real sense, are not on -- not only what it means to him but for those who reelected him. it sends a message, one term could have been a fluke, but two terms sends a message of who he is now. >> the first interest i had, is there a human being there? and you can tell right away, they approach you on the floor of the senate. there is a complete vacancy in there, they are nothing but mechanical politicians, they wanted to be that their entire lives. and then there are the guys, the women who are there who want to be a real pe
who wants be president of the united states ronald reagan opposed these assault weapons in clear language. the house caucus are having their retreat today. we heard today there was no talk of guns. i think a lot of republicans want this to go away. the speak aespeaker's office sa there is legislation pulled down we will deal with it then. that minority may be ultrahard-core conservative gun owners that have made this a test or it is the nra but it has put republican ares with an active number of brain cells who wish to see a future of their party who have been painted into a corner. >> they are on the wrong side of these polls showing where 74% of the american public is. i think that is where the politics meet the public opinion. we know you have reported on the fact that congress is not a broadly represented institution. republicans are representing these districts. so the response is that our districts say something different. >> and al ex, the thing about this retreat, they are proudly getting it out there. we know they have to have down so privately. but they actually want th
about the united states of america going into default. the most powerful economy in the world saying our political system, our system is too disfunctional for us to reliably pay our bills. that would be anything but good for this country. if congressman salmon had been with me this morning, he would understand it. this morning i attended a briefing by the bipartisan policy on the debt ceiling. they did amazing work on this issue and really got into the weeds on it more than anyone i have seen before. they looked at how many checks the government sends out a month. how the payment software works, and i want to tell you, and maybe congressman salmon five of the things they had. because after you hear this you wouldn't want to bust for the debt ceiling, they project right now that the debt ceiling doomsday, really the final day for it would happen sometime between february 15th, and march one. either congress figures out the debt ceiling before then or things get very bad, real quick. first it means the federal government will have to default on 40% of our obligations, 40% of what we do wil
the united states hits the lawful debt ceiling. so there will be a huge fight over that in two months, and essentially what we're doing is we have agreed on the income tax rates. $400,000 for individuals, $450,000 for couples filing jointly, below which the tax rates will remain the same. above which they go from 35, currently to 39.6%. however, there are a lot of things that are going to be left now. major spending cuts, any sort of grand bargain is -- we're going to go all through this again in another two months. i might also mention one thing, if the senate does get around to voting sometime tonight or in the wee hours of the morning, then its up to the house of representatives of course, and this is going to be an extremely tough sell. john boehner is not going to get a majority of his caucus in the republican side in the house of representatives. he is going to have to rely on democrats to do this. the question is will he do that, or will he try to amend this bill on the house floor and then send it back to the senate, which essentially is going to put us back to square one. so
avenue. barack obama is the president of the united states. he is a very powerful man, responsible for many things. but he is not why most republicans have taken a pledge, saying they will never raise a dollar in taxes no matter what the budget deficit looks like. he is not why they decided to put the whole u.s. economy at risk if they don't get their way on spending cuts. he is not why the white house partnered with gun legislation, no matter how small, is tantamount to taking away guns, he is not why extreme movements like extreme ideas like going back to a gold standard in the middle of an economic crisis have taken root on the right. this country needs and deserves a better republican party. and there are a lot of people in the republican right now who want a better republican party who are trying to push it there. those people, i think include key leaders in the party, like the house republican leaders this week who are trying to talk their members down from the ledge. they include folks like david brooks who in saying that republicans look deeply unreasonable, they are tellin
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 56 (some duplicates have been removed)